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AO Libre es un proyecto colaborativo utilizando el open-source como bandera.
Todos estan invitados a participar a ser parte de la organizacion del juego dentro del server.
Todo nuestros recursos y codigo estan liberados bajo la licencia AGPL y pueden encontrarlos en Github.

Elige tu propia aventura
AO Libre tiene su servidor oficial abierto 24/7 Experiencia y oro dificultad: Dificil.
Por otra parte te entrega herramientas para poder abrir tu propio server de AO
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Podes descargarte el juego ya mismo desde aqui y empezar a jugar.

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¿Queres tu propio server de Argentum Online? Es muy facil, aca te decimos como, solo 5 minutos. Click Aqui

AO Libre Character Crea tu mundo

¿Queres crear mapas para tu servidor de Argentum Online? World Editor es la herramienta que necesitas. Mira este tutorial

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AO Libre Character Agregar nuevos items

¿Queres agregar nuevos items al juego ? En este tutorial te mostramos como.

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AO Libre
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₿lockchain Development

ARGENTUMS NFTs Collection is the first step in our mission to help Argentum Online thrive thanks to the blockchain technology. We are developing a Metaverse around all the servers that use AO Libre, so your NFTs will be re-usable between servers.

On top of that, we’re creating the $AOLB BEP-20 token that’ll serve as the backbone of the platform. We are on a Crowdsale/Pre-Sale of the token which represents just the 5% of the Total Cap in others words this is the early-bird stage.

Buy $AOLB ARGENTUMS NFT more info Whitepaper

The Game


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Ten viajero, acepta este ropaje, estas bebidas y manzanas. Ahora toma tus cosas y emprende viaje, un nuevo mundo te está esperando, hazte de amigos y enemigos y vive una nueva aventura en las fantásticas tierras de este mundo llamado... Argentum Online

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Frequently Aksed

What is AO Libre?

AO Libre is a collaborative project using open-source as a banner. Everyone is invited to participate by making modifications to the code, graphics, sounds, adding items, spells, mapping or being part of the organization of the game within the server. All our resources and code are released under the GPL license and can be found on Github.

More information in our whitepaper

Is the Game Online?

Yes, you can download the game from here and play in any server either fan-maintained or the maintained by AO Libre's staff

How do I buy an ARGENTUM NFT?

First, you’ll need to have an Ethereum wallet. You can directly create one and buy some Ethereum on platforms such as Kraken, Satoshitango or BuenBit. Then, you’ll have to setup the Metamask chrome extension. Finally, you’ll be able to buy ARGENTUM NFTs directly on our website on the date of the public sale.

What is an NFT?

An NFT (Non-fungible token) is a piece of digital asset (image, video, audio...) that lives in the blockchain. Once you buy an NFT, it belongs to you, and no one will be able to copy or distribute your NFT thanks to the decentralized aspect of the blockchain. You’ll then be able to trade and sell your NFTs on NFTs marketplaces like Open Sea.

NFT Collection

ARGENTUMS are 10,000 lovable characters generated Non Fungible Tokens (NFTS) eternally written on the Ethereum blockchain. These ARGENTUMS have varying traits that make each unique and collectible (Weapon, Helmet, Armour and Weapon). These are the official ARGENTUMS of the AO Libre community. Beware of scams.

When is the public sale
How can I get an ARGENTUM?

ARGENTUMS will be available to mint directly from our website by simply connecting your Metamask wallet. You will also be able to purchase from our secondary market on the official ARGENTUMS OpenSea collection. Please make sure you use the correct link - all official links can be found on our Discord channel.

$AOLB (Binance Smart Chain) - Official Token

We have our BEP-20 token (AOLB) which we will use for a lot of things including, rewards to our players, rewards to people who collaborate in the project in many ways, design, music, game masters, server maintainers, game designers, developers, qa team, etc.

If you HOLD 100,000 $AOLB Tokens, you will receive 1 ARGENTUM NFT by Airdrop more info in the ARGENTUMS NFTs Section


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